Afghanistan: Britain is heading into a new Migrant Crisis

Over the years, there has been a significant amount of rhetoric assaults on the National Trust, the BBC, and the England Football Team by the culture warriors, but it seems like they’re headed for the lifeboats this time. 


Nigel Farage, a Former Member of the European Parliament, criticised and brought attention to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution for providing a ‘sea taxi service’ to migrants in crossing the channel. 

It is similar to the aftermath of the refugee crisis in Italy when the populists and far-right heads accused the humanitarian ships of helping migrants escape in their boats, which led to a crackdown on rescues by the government.

Currently, even though most right-wingers haven’t joined Farage in his attacks, the public support has given him a boost of 3000% in donations. 

Culture war politics have existed in the UK for a long time and are now essential to keep the electoral coalition together. The British Referendum, which seemed to divide the Kingdom was deployed as a cultural battle by the Conservatives. 

Douglas Murray, referring to Boris Johnson, stated, “he must get control of this country’s borders. In the realm of sovereignty, nothing matters more.”

With Johnson rolling out a borders bill, it must be highlighted how much damage the right-wing outrages cause to the government and the political decisions.  

It is also important to deduce that young minds are more prone to socialist ideas, which will eventually lead to historical shifts in society from liberal attitudes. Call it cultural Marxism or ‘wokeness’, the attacks will continue with a political interest of the right. 

Most of the right has not attacked the RNLI yet, but the entire situation plays a role in determining the government’s commitment to this agenda. Although the public defence of RNLI is noteworthy, we can hope that it brings upon a change for once. 

The media has always benefited from these attacks on lefts and the madness of right-wingers that raises moral panic. That being said, it should be alarming that how desperate people are to reach the UK, especially in such poor conditions.

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