“Black?” or “black?” Am I wrong?

The Black Lives Matter protests were carried out throughout the world in support of black lives. The three key factors of the movement were anti-racism, alliance, and accountability. But ever since the protests started, there has been a minute change in the spelling of the word ‘black’ as people have now started capitalizing the “b”.

This may seem insignificant and minute, but its implications are drastic. For centuries, black people have been shunned, ridiculed, and been forced to contort themselves into limiting racial classes. If the movement succeeds in achieving its goal, there will be new, better ways to talk about race and black people will have the freedom to shape their identities and move from under the flag of racial discrimination.

The use of capital B instead of a small b seems to be doing more harm than good. The conversations about racism have stopped progressing and keep moving in the same circular patterns. Any or every kind of imposition of rules exclusive to black people needs to come to an immediate halt and it shouldn't be in the hands of institutions to imply what is best for black people throughout the world, it should be their choice.

There are different reasons for capitalizing the letter b in black. The lineage for black people was thought to be lost during the transatlantic slave trade. Many slogans throughout history that were meant to improve the progress of anti-racial movements, only slowed it down. According to an Ethiopian saying “If you pick up one end of the stick, you also pick up the other.”

Race is a flawed concept and one that has been debated on for many, many years. We cannot move ahead of colonial history if we refuse to reassign meanings to words like black and white. That again categorises the black people into a narrow place and the cycle of racism never ends.


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