Boris Johnson has spilt the milk and everyone is crying over it!

Nobody in the UK has been happy about the disasters after the implementation of Brexit, least of all the dairy industry. The milk and cream exports in the EU have dropped down 96.4% and the cheese exports were down 65%, year on year.

Though, as the market smooths itself out, the export patterns are returning to normal, claims the trade body of Dairy UK. Unfortunately, the dairy industry is not the only food industry suffering from the aftereffects of Brexit. The sales of chicken and beef have gone down by 80% year on year, all of which tallies up to around 1.1 billion pounds that Brexit has cost the Food and Drink industry since the start of the year.   

Boris has been urged by the trade body to sort the issue out and resume the channel of proper trade by instigating talks with the EU. There has been a great loss of money, product, and resources due to this improper channel of command, inconsistent orders, and incorrect demands at the EU borders. According to the FDF’s head of international trade,

 “Exports to our biggest market, Ireland, have also dropped more than two-thirds. UK businesses continue to struggle with inconsistent and incorrect demands at EU borders, and small businesses have been hardest hit.”

Boris ought to fix these problems which he has been unable to do up till now. The exports of food and drink to non-EU countries were rising at the rate of 8.7% as compared to the loss of 41% in the EU countries. That rounds up to a loss of 421m pounds to a gain of 56m pounds. Alas, the future of the dairy industry doesn’t look good until some serious action is taken by Johnson to reverse the current situation.  


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