Brexit guru David Frost admits Deal is impossible.

According to David Frost, the new Brexit agreement has made it impossible to do business with Northern Ireland, since it is now “too much trouble” to carry on the trade. Many companies in Great Britain agree to the fact that since trade and business have been made so hectic and complicated, they cannot be bothered by engaging in this entire process. Small businesses and young entrepreneurs are the ones suffering from this change the most.

All these reasons pile up to the point that everybody has denied business approaches towards Northern Ireland due to which trade diversion and supply-chain issues can be seen. The admission unveiled a fresh approach to the Northern Ireland protocol which sparked new waves of tensions with the EU. The crisis caused by this certain protocol was so great that even the three-month truce over the sale of chilled meat and medicine could not overcome it.

In an interview, the Brexter Minister hinted towards his new plan of making the goods and services flow as easily as possible between Britain and Northern Ireland. Furthermore, he also covered the following points in this interview:

1.      He wanted to discourage the “problem” of increased cross-border trade between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

2.      He revealed that 500M pounds were expected to be spent on trader support services.

3.      He rejected the idea of an alternative to the protocol.

Certain comments were made from the fishing industry as they accused Tory MPs of not fulfilling their promises of potential gains from Brexit. The Fisherman Federation protested that not a word was uttered, not even by the most vociferous supporters (the Conservatives). The situation of inter-trade was made worse with the implementation of the Brexit law and the EU accused the UK of failing to abide by the protocol. 

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