Can Anti-Taliban Resistance Fighters Win?

Within hours of Ashraf Ghani’s escape from Kabul, the Taliban seized control in a bloodless fashion, leading everyone to believe that the decade’s long civil war had finally come to an end. However, Vice-president Amrullah Saleh was quick to announce his new role as the ‘caretaker’ head of state. He announced the intention of fighting back with a group of fighters and politicians from the only corner of the country the Taliban had not seized; Panjshir.


Tucked away between the Hindu Kush in the North of Kabul, Panjshir is no stranger to militant activity. It has served as a resistance stronghold for decades, first against the Soviet Union and then the Taliban. Lt. General Zahir Aghbar has promised that Panjshir shall remain a base for all those who wish to fight against oppressive powers. Videos of the potential opposition made up of Saleh, Zahir, Defence Ministers, and progeny of assassinated militant groups have emerged as a ray of sun in these dark times, telling people that there is still hope left.


However, this move may be political as well as resistant as General Aghbar hinted at the possibility of a deal with the Taliban for forming a coalition government. If they agree, things might be hashed out on paper rather than with weapons, but so far, the group has promised to fight back. The Anti-Taliban group faces many challenges due to the lack of resources and organization owing to their isolated territory while the Taliban have everything at their disposal. They hope to have more fighters as they go on with their mission.

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