Cold War Atmosphere, Liverpool Council Informants meet on Street Corners

Liverpool City Council has found itself headfirst in the midst of yet another scandal, with staff terrified at speaking out about possible corruption, fearing the retribution they might have to face. In a new update, an inspector on the case revealed that they met with the staff on street corners, to avoid them being seen together by prying eyes.
Max Caller referred to their fears as “credible”, assuring them that they need not meet in council buildings to discuss the situation. He offered to “meet them on street corners” or “on Zoom”, reporting to the BBC that he would not publish their names in order to “protect the individuals” involved.
Mr Caller has spent the past three months investigating the claims after the police made five arrests in December, following up on allegations of bribery, corruption, fraud, and witness intimidation. His report on the event, which was published in March, referred to a hidden ingrained culture of “sketchy scrutiny and intimidation” of those who dared to challenge the ones in authority. He has since broken silence for the first time after releasing his report, saying that he is hopeful that the council is now heading in the right direction and is himself committed to reentering the mainstream local government game.

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