Counting the Costs – Five Years of the Brexit Wars

It has been five years since Brexit, and the impact of this game-changing event on the UK is evident in current times. One can hardly deny that much of the case for Brexit was built on lies, as is evident from the clear display of incompetence, lies, deceit, and a wave of sheer ruthlessness dominating the political culture. With the Brexiters influencing the conversation, the voices of the opposition are not listened to, and sometimes completely drowned out.

The waves of nationalist hyperbole are little else than a clear threat to parliamentary democracy. The main prerequisites of democracy, a commitment to honest communication and acknowledgement of facts, are nowhere to be found. The only unifying factor in the UK's current right-wing is in the incessant approval of any consequence of Brexit, no matter how damaging. Brexit has armed the right with a ‘cause’ and a political coalition that guarantees it more power than it has seen since Thatcher’s time.

Skating over the rough patches seemed to be a common phenomenon while the Brexit debate was ongoing, and further deceit and ignorance are being deployed to cover up the weaknesses in this enterprise.

Boris Johnson’s unpersuasive ‘for Brexit' list was released only last week, comprising border control, a successful vaccine programme, and eight freeports, while conveniently ignoring the large-scale and massive losses that come with it. The UK's relations with the EU now verge on mutual distrust, if not complete hostility. Service exports are over 100 billion short of what Brexit trends claim, with farmers losing over 25% of their basic EU grant.

It is no wonder that the Conservative Party wish to view Brexit as a done deal to which there is no going back. The lies that fed Brexit are at the heart of Johnson’s rise to power, a fact not unnoticed by the UK public. As we speak, distrust (or awareness) amongst the public is growing, with campaigning groups uniting to challenge the Brexit lie.

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