COVID Prices Low Income Families out of Holidays

Anyone vacationing in France is no longer required to isolate for ten days upon their return, but a family of fourstill needs to pay a large sum of money for recurrent COVID tests and remain at the mercy of rule changes. 


Package holidays are not a new phenomenon, and since their inception in the 1950s, they have rapidly grown in popularity. The Brits who once found themselves merely going to resorts by sea now had the option to travel destinations like Corfu Town and Naples with cheap and convenient packages. These packages were from companies like Lunn Poly and Thomas Cook.


COVID may now be used as a pretext to do what our leaders have wished for years, to put a stop to inexpensive package vacations. Right now, you may see this in the form of confusing regulations and extensive testing expenses. However, in the future, this will be done with the premise of a better environment. Travelling is responsible for a large chunk of the CO2 pollution in the atmosphere, and the Government’s Advisory board wants to meet their goal of reducing Britain's carbon footprint to a net-zero by the year 2050.


However, it is argued that ordinary folk bears the brunt of dealing with the climate disaster, while the rich travel as they always have. COVID based travel regulations set the precedent for how things will look like in the future. However, a lot of these regulations look like large-scale behaviour changes and interference in the life of the ordinary folk. All while those who are well-off get to resume with their daily lives after covid without much impact at all.

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