Do you support Extinction Rebellion? If so you should consider their attempts to block free press!

The Five Extinction Rebellion protests at the printing press prevented 1100 retailers (including Daily Mail, the Sun, and Daily Telegraph) from getting newspapers which caused the publishers a loss of $1.2 Million. The protestors involved in the process of the blockade have been convicted of obstruction, after the many activists that walked free on a technicality earlier this month.

The parking of a yellow boat and a blue van at the entrance of the printing press disrupted their line of business and caused them a significant loss. five people were convicted of this crime, which included three men and two women. The case presented in court found the three defendants guilty of parking their vans deliberately across the road in order to block it and cause disruption and chaos.

Out of the five, three defendants Joel Instone, his sister Mirian, and Adam Haigh were convicted and presented in front of a judge. Both the men were given a conditional discharge and ordered to pay a fine of $500 to the press for their damages.

Meanwhile, the third defendant, pleaded guilty in front of the court and was granted a conditional discharge of 12 months and was ordered to pay a fine of $500 in damages to the press.

Three men and two women were reportedly the first ones to be punished for causing disruption and chaos in front of the newspaper plant in Knowsley, Merseyside, in September. These certain blockades in front of the newspaper press were looked at as an affront to free speech to which the Prime Minister said that it was highly unacceptable to seek out a way to limit the public's access to news and information.

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