Extinction Rebellion found guilty of blocking free press.

Six protestors who were found guilty of blocking the highway outside Newspaper printing works have been convicted of the crime. According to the judge, even though these protests were conducted peacefully, they had a destructive impact on the newspaper business and the estimated loss wore over 1 million Pounds. Worse, they blocked the deomcratic free press breaching democratic rights.

The ‘peaceful’ protest took outside the newspaper printing press because the public believed that the newspapers had failed to report the whole truth about the climate crisis. Many big newspapers like The Sun, Times, Sun on Sunday, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, and many others suffered from the protests.

The protestors had chained themselves together to make a powerful statement and completely blocked the highway to exercise their right to free speech. The judge concluded that the police were right to have arrested the perpetrators as their actions caused a high level of disruption. The judge further added to the statement and said that if the highway had been left partially open for deliveries to take place as they usually do, the impact of their actions would have been limited and their sentence would have been considerably lenient.

It was also shared that the protest had a ripple effect that affected not only the printing press but the distributors and consumers of those newspapers had also been inconvenienced.

All of the six defendants were granted a conditional discharge for a year and an order by the court to pay £150 in fine and £22 in a surcharge. One of the defendants named Frandsen who had previous convictions was ordered to pay a financial penalty of £150 along with a fine of £150 to the court and £22 in a surcharge.

People all over the world are being penalized for using their voices and for fighting for what they believe in. Environmental defenders are being silenced all over the world and the XR demands that people be told the truth about the climate and ecological emergency we are facing. 

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