Festivals have always been a celebrated event in Britain but ever since the pandemic struck, it has been impossible to attend one. They are not only a great place to listen to good music, have fun with friends, and kick back with a few drinks, but also a fantastic way for you to meet new people. And if you are someone like Alex Gunter, festivals can also be a great place to campaign.

Alex Gunter, 23, a member of the Young European Movement, took to this year’s reading festival to talk to people about Brexit and its negative impact on the British economy. According to him, festivals are a great place to meet young, educated, and passionate individuals who are extremely receptive, especially in party mode.

He continued to talk about the drastic and negative post-Brexit results British citizens have faced, especially the problems faced by the music industry, the supply chain crisis, and the freedom of movement. According to Alex, the Young European Movement (YEM) has a bright future in British politics. YEM is tired of the overrepresentation of old people in politics and hopes that youth-led politics will become a staple of positive change in British history.

He also shared a few of his campaign tools, the most important of which were stickers that said “B******s to Brexit”. These stickers were impossible to miss at the festival which is a great feat considering only a fifth of the people had them on. He further said that these stickers have the potential to reach thousands of people. The initial goal of the sticker was to re-engage with people and encourage them to engage with Brexit as there is still a chance for the UK to fix its relationship with Europe.

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