Has Nationalism Really Destroyed Britain?

By now, the world is familiar with the atrocities associated with the British Royal Family and the recent interview with Meghan Markle, which left the world shocked. But it shouldn’t come as a surprise because the dubious honor of being the dumbest country in the world is awarded to Britain.

Up until a few decades ago, Britain was a revered country and the envy of the world. From having the world’s best healthcare system to being the world’s finest broadcaster in high-quality television content (BBC), Britain had conquered all avenues of private and public success. It was a common dream to live and work in Britain, a country that offered an incredible quality of life. But alas, Britain has sunk since then.

According to the former PM, the nation has been diseased with stupidity, ugliness, hate, brutality, ignorance, and racism, all of which were revealed when the former princess recalled the mistreatment and humiliation she had received at the hands of the Royal Family.

The downfall was triggered in 2007 when, during the conservative British government, a financial crisis led them to announce that they were “broke” and started a brutal course of austerity. The rates of unemployment and poverty soared and instead of investing, the government decided to tighten the belts, and Britain’s economy bottomed.

Rising poverty in the country made the people ignorant, violent, brutal, and selfish while blaming the EU for their problems. Britain was now a nation filled with a fever dream of nationalism. Nationalism states “we’re better off on our own” but none of that is true and has been proven by the success of the EU.

The consequences Britain has faced due to Brexit are extreme and the British economy is experiencing the equivalent of a heart attack. The supremacy has led to Britain’s implosion and the country that was once respected by the world has destroyed itself in only twenty years in a way that it can never rise to its former glory.

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