This story is about an eighty-three-year-old Dementia patient, as revealed by her son. She used to work for the British Army as a translator where she also met her husband, who was in the Royal Artillery at the time. In 1962, they returned to England for good, got married, and settle down with their two children.

From the minute she stepped foot in England, she worked hard to fulfil her dream of becoming a teacher. She achieved that by funding her education herself, and became a qualified teacher while raising two children. She established her career in adult education where she taught German language and literature to college students. In her time as a teacher, she took multiple students on exchange trips to Germany and shared her love of the country and its culture with other people. She wrote poems, books, workbooks, and novels under her pseudonym “Alfa”.

Throughout her life, she has proved her devotion to the Queen, cherished a thank you letter from the Queen herself, and contributed to the life of this country.

However, today her son, with a heavy heart, filled out a form, granting her the status of a ‘settled’ citizen, which was a difficult decision, but one required to prevent her from being labelled as an illegal immigrant. According to her son, he was forced to fill out the numerous difficult forms, and photograph her from multiple angles ‘like an inmate’. The entire process was undignified, invasive, and harsh.

Her son states that it is heart-wrenching to see Britain that was once welcoming, warm, and tolerant, changed to holding a horrid attitude towards its citizens under a ‘monstrous government’. He further stated that this is what happens when a divisive government is elected.

People who contributed to the great country have consequently been ridiculed and side-lined, post-Brexit. And everyone who voted for the historic separation is, in her son’s view, responsible for the cruelty inflicted on people like his mother and many others across England.


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