I’m Green but Can’t Afford an Electric Car – The Plight of Many

People are eager to be green, despite this electric cars are unaffordable for many. Even those desperate to save the planet.

A recent survey revealed that 2/5 drivers were eager to switch to electric cars but out of these, 1/3 were put off by the upfront cost of the cars. An analysis of the cost of owning three cars of petrol and electric versions was conducted by the consumer choice company; which included the Peugeot 208, Peugeot 2008, and the MINI One.

It revealed that even with the low running costs of an electric car, they were still more expensive than fossil fuel cars. Moreover, the three electric cars cost about £5,000 more than their versions of petrol cars.

Editor Lisa Barber commented on these findings and said that everybody in the UK is expected to switch to electric cars by 2030, but the huge difference in the price of these cars has put people off from purchasing them. People want to choose a greener way and are eager to switch to electric versions of cars but there is a significant barrier of not being able to afford it.

The greatest difference in pricing was seen when the two MINIs were compared. After three years, the MINI One, which ran on petrol, cost around £21,023 while the MINI EV came up to £27,827. Similarly, a huge price difference was also observed between the two Peugeot models where the e-208 Allure had an upfront cost of £27,875 while the 208 Allure 1.2L cost £22,210.

The government plans to eradicate the sale of petrol cars by 2030, forcing the people to invest in electric cars. According to CCC, approximately 12 million e-cars are expected to be on the road in the UK by 2030. This mass adoption will result in completely removing petrol cars from the roads by the year 2050. Despite that, the extremely high cost of electric cars is putting off customers from making a sustainable choice. 

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