Is Macron Pro-Discrimination? His Words Say No, Actions Say Yes.

A new threat to the French society has been unearthed by members of Macron’s government and labeled “Islamo-leftism”. In an interview, the French Minister of Higher Education, Frederique Vidal explained that Islamo-leftism is a wretched concept that has its roots embedded deep in every part of society, with no exception to universities.

The ill-defined coinage has found its place among mainstream politics and with the growing demand of the minorities for protection of rights, has disturbed the belief of the supposed universalist values of the French.

After a scathing backlash to Vidal’s accusations and her proposed investigation, Macron’s disgust seems fake. That is because the French president since then has singled out people working on the racial and religious discrimination against Muslims. All of his actions seem to contradict themselves and the most alarming one was when he accused universities of “breaking the republic in two” while passing a new law, three months later, to exercise control over Muslim mosques and schools. This double action of the French President is a bid to gain votes against Le Pen's Rassemblement National in the Presidential elections of 2022.

In recent years, a new reactionary movement has started among the French which can be best explained as a rejection of the evolution of society. The rallied participants of this movement are (unsurprisingly) senior or retired scholars, whose belief is that the research of racial or other discrimination and analysis of the concept of white privilege, poses a threat to the “identity” and “culture” of France and seen as a form of anti-white racism. 

These culture warriors negate the ideas and movements that have taken place throughout history to improve the society's stance of cultural, racial, social, and religious injustices. Some people have compared the term Islamo-leftism with Judeo-Bolshevism, which was a term coined in the 1930s labeling European Jews as dangerous subversives. The dangerous pattern cultivating in all of France has left its minorities anxious about the future.

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