Johnny Mercer MP & Veteran: We have betrayed Afghanistan!

Johnny Mercer MP, a former commando who served on three deployments in Afghanistan, will make a contribution to the Commons Debate on Afghanistan.


He states that it is of utmost importance that we communicate to the Prime Minister how his future conduct will have far-reaching consequences in these communities. Whether it is the families who had to lose children or anyone who suffered the wrath of the Taliban, we must emphasise the narrative that this was a copout from America’s end. As someone who served in that campaign, he feels that he has a duty to communicate at least this much.


He emphasises that what he feels right now could be best described as betrayal, not just to the denizens of Afghanistan, but also the efforts of his cohorts who gave it their all in the past 20 years. What makes things worse is how the relevant ministers have carried on, without any pertinent leadership or responsibility.


While we may be keen to pin all of this blame on the United States of America, we must realise that solely impugning them devalues our own service further. If we had taken over some aspects of the war against terrorism after the American callback, things would be less dire in Afghanistan today – the very same Afghans who had dreams of liberty from the Taliban’s gruesome hold. The same ones who sometimes aided the UK and the USA troops, in hopes of building a better nation for themselves.


“What ministers are very keen to do now is blame America for everything. We were the second biggest troop contributing nation and we could have done so much more to protect our interests and our gains in Afghanistan and we chose not to, politically, and for me that is the unforgiveable nature of this. It was a choice by our current political leadership and for me that is beyond the pale.”


Johnny finds himself recovering from recent incidents such as Plymouth, and reflecting on how few support systems exist for members of the veteran community there.


The Panjshir Valley is still Afghanistan's final bastion of resistance to the Taliban. The valley is the epicentre of Afghanistan's National Resistance Front, also known as the Second Resistance. The Panjshir Resistance is led by Ahmad Massoud, Amrullah Saleh, and Bismillah Khan Mohammadi. The location of the valley makes it a natural fortress as a site of Taliban resistance.

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