Johnson’s Backdoor approach to breaking the union.

The emphasis on the EU errors in the Northern Ireland Protocol by Boris Johnson might be a distraction from the dismantling of the UK, following the consequences of Brexit in Scotland and Ireland. 


The Scottish National Party believes that Scotland was moved out of the EU without its consent, whereas Prime Minister Boris Johnson disagrees. Subsequently, the Sunday Times conducted an opinion poll for the votes on Scotland becoming an independent country, where the majority favoured that idea.


On the other hand, the Brexit influence on Northern Ireland has proven to be provocative due to the new arrangements of the EU, as it has badly affected their transport, trading, and markets. This led to the call for the Northern Ireland Protocol by the Ulster Unionist politicians and Boris Johnson quickly took notice and demanded resolution by taking action on the invocation of Article 16.


The reaction of the public regarding Northern Ireland leaving the UK, the majority claimed to not be bothered by it at all according to a YouGov poll in 2020. A recent poll of Sunday Times revealed that the majority opposed the idea of a United Ireland, except for those under 45 years of age. Although, a bulk of votes said ‘Yes’ to a referendum on United Ireland to be held right now.


Arlene Foster, the First Minister of Northern Ireland, pointed out that she is not against a referendum in the near future, to which the Irish Taoiseach reinstated that he doesn’t see a referendum being conducted in the next five years. It can be believed that the Scotland referendum might take place earlier than that of Ireland, and if it’s voted for independence, it would put pressure on a referendum in Ireland.


As much as Boris Johnson would try to avoid the dismantling of the United Kingdom, it would always remain a possibility especially after the events of Brexit and the flawed judgement of EU in Northern Ireland.

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