Labour is Dead – For Londoners Only

There is no political party in the world whose existence is permanent and from the looks of the 2019 elections, people assumed that the Labour’s was doomed to come to an end. This position was made worse by the reaction of Sir Keir Starmer that left the MPs of the Labour confused, angry and aggravated.


The only way we can see the future of the Labour Party changing for the better is if there is a drastic collapse of the Tories. But apparently, the Labour Party is not the only one waiting to collect the pieces. The monopoly of the right side was restored by Tories after the Brexit Party, but the left side remains torn apart between Labour, Lib Dems and the Greens. In the election of 1997, in a vendetta to defeat the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems worked together and caused the unseating of a Tory which does not seem like a pliable option today.


The Labour Party has to succeed in the electoral system and should learn from the past when they achieved office by attracting a diverse group of voters. The path to winning an electoral coalition for the Labour is not impossible if they start acting like they were actually interested in the election victory.

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