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The government is adamant to not allow overseas laborers to work as field pickers and the crops are suffering.

There has been a great shortage of fruits and vegetables in the supermarkets recently while the crops remain ready to be harvested this summer. These crops are rotting in the fields due to a great shortage of foreign pickers in the UK.

The post-Brexit seasonal workers pilot scheme proposed by the government was supposed to provide the necessary skilled laborers to work in the fields and harvest crops. Currently, foods like strawberries, pea, raspberries, and lettuce are decaying on the field while the customers in shops yearn for more.


The vast majority of agricultural labor are overseas workers who have been denied access into the UK after Brexit. The Chair of Committee Neil Parish told The Sun that more ‘home-grown’ labour is required to pick our fruits and vegetables but there aren’t enough numbers to promote that idea. Apparently, this grave issue for the producers has been pushed to the bottom of the priority list which will cause the market and the farmers a great amount of money.

Tens of millions of cultivated daffodils went to waste in the fields due to a lack of manpower for harvesting the flowers. According to a Defra spokesperson, seasonal workers provide the labor and manpower to ensure that the local produce reaches the shelves at the supermarket. Furthermore, to pacify the farmers and the local growers, they proceeded with the promise that they will always back the farmers and growers and will ensure that producers and workers across the United Kingdom have the help and support they require.


The season’s seasonal workers pilot has been extended from 10 thousand to 30 thousand visas which will continue to back the edible horticulture sector. Soon enough, the farmers will be able to employ EU nationals to meet their demand for skilled picking labour. 

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