Looking Back at the Independent’s Brexit Anniversary Event

On the fifth anniversary event hosted by the Independent to mark five years of the referendum, Andrew Adonis and David Gauke took the opportunity to discuss the relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union. The topic of the discussion was the food safety rules and how they are going to solve the border crisis in Northern Ireland.

The two parties agreed that the movement should be a mirror image of Nigel Farage, to build pressure from the outside on the main parties. However, Mr Gauke believed that a referendum will become inevitable after some time. 

During a panel discussion, led by chief political commentator at Independent, John Rentoul, attended by Kate Devlin, Whitehall editor, and Andrew Grice, political columnist, discussed the consequences of the statement and what the future holds.

Further, Mr Grice speculated that Keir Starmer won't last long as a leader, as the labour party will at some point in time, realize that there is always a limit to the amount of failure that they can bear. He mentioned that it is not long before we're going to see a change in the labour party, stating that “change is not long in coming”.

Upon the topic of Boris Johnson, Mr Gauke commented that he wasn’t expecting him to step down this early especially on the account of making money and having fun. He spoke about how his former advisor, Dominic Cummings predicted that he might be in for the long haul. He expects the Conservative party to remain successful for the coming years as he believes that the Eurosceptic party has a strong future.

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