Not all British tourists are drunks

The British are fed up of the stereotypes being spread about them in newspapers and they are here to complain.

The common stereotypes which surround the British range from them being loud drunks who are too invested in golf to most of them being retirees. Although, what you don’t know about Brits is that only 20% of them are pensioners whereas the figure rises to 25% in Spain.

So the questions remain are: why do these stereotypes surround only the British, where did they stem from, and what role does the media play in making up these stereotypes? These typecasts are not made up of thin air, but they only cater to a small percentage of loud British drinkers and golf players found in Spain.

The media personnel, while doing their interviews, tend to narrow down their research and only end up with a certain type of British people to contact and write about. Many a time, they contact British pensioners residing in Spain to talk to them about their trouble with healthcare after the Brexit, as if they are the only ones affected.

The Brexit has the young and old worried about job opportunities, employment, and retirement alike. Tempers have been running high, especially when most of the Brits are being forced to convert their driving license to Spanish and have most abandoning their second homes and moving to live in the UK permanently.

All the people that voted for the Brexit, are still largely convinced that nothing has changed, or the UK and Spain will come to an agreement to keep everything the same. But it is time we faced the hard facts and hold those responsible. If it wasn't clear, it's not Spain or the EU. It's the British government that lied to its people and sold them a bunch of lies, leaving them more empty-handed than what they started with.

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