Nothing Can Replicate Face to Face Learning, and Technology Doesn’t Even Come Close!

If someone had told me 3 years ago that there will come a time where the education system would convert completely to an online format, I would've called you crazy. But during the months of the severe pandemic crisis, the impossible was achieved.

When the virus hit, everybody was forced to respond, which they did in all sorts of surprising ways. Everything from teaching, courses, lectures, tutorials, classes, feedback, and interviews to parents' evenings were moved online in a rapid, efficient manner. Everybody extraordinarily adapted to the changing world while keeping up with the losses that came with Covid.

Because this change was remarkable, some people believe that it will be irreversible. A lot of people are of the opinion that the time to replace traditional face-to-face teaching will be taken over by technology-backed education and the very idea of 'learning' will be reimagined. 

According to recent surveys, only 21% of the new graduates are happy with the format of online learning while 59% want the universities to open for on-campus classes when they return in September.

The reason that people are not in favour of online education is that schools, colleges, and universities provide more than just education. It provides the students and teachers with an environment they can thrive in. The social and personal development that an individual goes through while attending on-campus classes cannot be replicated in the online teaching experience.

Frankly, this generation, despite being obsessed with technology, has peeked into the digital future and doesn't want any part of it. There is no doubt that the online platform has been immensely easy and reliable for things like parent's evening, public lectures, etc. for people to attend while being in different parts of the world, but nothing beats face-to-face human interaction.


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