One Billion Covid-19 Vaccine Doses Promised to Underdeveloped Nations In 47th G7 Summit.

At the G7 Summit held from 11th to 13th June in Cornwall, world leaders have pledged to donate one billion Covid vaccine dosages to poor countries. Prime Minister Boris Johnson commented that countries were rejecting nationalistic approaches, and viewed this united decision as a “big step towards vaccinating the world.”

The UK plans on contributing 100 million vaccines to the cause, both directly and through the Covax scheme, aiming to combat vaccine apartheid claims. Boris Johnson said that this was an attempt to showcase the “benefits of the G7’s democratic values,” further adding that “the world was looking to us to reject some of the selfish, nationalistic approaches that marred the initial global response to the pandemic and to channel all our diplomatic, economic and scientific might to defeating Covid for good.”

The communiqué issued pledges to end the pandemic and to “vaccinate the world” by providing safe vaccines to as many people as fast as possible. Halving the G7’s contribution to climate change is also one of the pledges made. Leaders took steps to re-enforce their target of reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and also promised to eliminate the usage of coal power.

In response to criticism that the vaccine dosage offered is not enough and this was a moral failure of the G7, Johnson referred to the UK’s contributions to fight the Covid 19 pandemic, claiming that they are doing what they can as fast as they can. “Already of the 1.5 billion vaccines that have been distributed around the world, I think that people in this country should be very proud that half a billion of them are as a result of the actions taken by the UK government in doing that deal with the Oxford scientists and AstraZeneca to distribute it at cost,” he said.

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