Pro-Europeans don’t have to be pro-SNP

Boris Johnson may deny, challenge, delay, and prevaricate all he wants, but a referendum on Scottish independence is on its way, and no one can stop it. In the past, the SNP and Greens campaigned for a referendum which won them a majority of seats so there is no use pretending anymore. It may not be this year, or in the coming year, but a referendum will happen and when it does, it will be a type of Brexit refrain, same story but different characters.

Before Brexit, independence resonated as self-determination, and as a choice for Scotland to make its own decisions and be free from other union nations. But once Brexit happened, things changed for the worse. It was now up to the UK that was fetishizing superiority over cooperation with the other union nations and cutting itself off from them even further.

When you mention England, an image of all white, uniform, singular, and implied race enters your mind, quite unlike the image of Britain. Britain has always been tied with the idea of different people from different races, different backgrounds, and cultures living together. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing anti-immigrant about the SNP. They have always been pro-immigration and pro-multiculturalism but at the end of the day, they have the same message of ‘being better’ and ‘distinct’ from others.

Pro and anti-independence supporters are on with their usual debate of who gets more tax pounds from the UK, like the ones that played out during the time of Brexit. Previously, the taxpayer money was spent in Europe when we were part of one unit and now for the same reasons it is being spent in Scotland. This is causing people to put up barriers against each other, restricting our sense of identity.

Notably in the 2021 Scottish elections all parties fell either for or against independence apart from the pro-European Renew Scotland party. They called for a second referendum to respect the rights of Scotland but pledged to support the unionist cause. A unique and refreshing break for Scots. 

Nobody should be blamed for wanting to escape Johnson’s government or the eradication of the Brexit rule. But the important thing for us to realize is that the Tories won’t be in power forever and one day (even if it is in the distant future), they will be gone.


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