South America Deal to Support Rainforest Destruction in Shadow of COP26

The government’s deal with Australia could end up initiating a similar one with South America where large areas of land are being razed for cattle farming. It brings up the fear that the population in the UK would consume products made from animals raised and kept in inhumane ways.

The animal protection task force has warned the UK that if they don't halt their deals, they will end up being responsible for funding cruel practices that will lead to the destruction of the environment. According to a global animal welfare organisation called Animal Equality, a deal with South America can trigger deforestation, harm the Brazilian biodiversity, and increase the number of zoonotic diseases while simultaneously decreasing the standards of imports into Europe.

Large areas of the Amazon are being cleared every second to provide land for cattle farming which has prompted the UK, US, and EU to take legal action. The climate crisis becomes graver with increasing deforestation as vegetation and trees soak up carbon.

The world’s leading scientists have called for a worldwide protest in meat intake as it has been proven that intensive agricultural farming can create new diseases and is linked to the risk of pandemics.

The EU and UK have reversed many of the atrocities faced by these animals in intensive animal agriculture. Millions of hens, pigs, and other animals live in confinement in battery cages and sow stalls in countries like Brazil and Mexico.

These atrocious practices of animal farming have been banned in the UK but are still legal in countries like Mexico and Brazil. However, it is impossible to guarantee whether the imported meat has been produced in agreement with the laws of the UK or not.

It has been said by a UK government official that: “In all of our trade negotiations, we will not compromise on our high environmental protection, animal welfare, and food standards,” reaffirming the words of the Conservative’s philosophy.

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