Starmer’s Clock is Ticking, Will he listen to 83% of labour members?

The recent survey shows that the majority of the Labour members are in favour of Proportional Representation and claim that is the only way forward. 


From the reports from a poll, conducted by YouGov for Labour for a New Democracy, we can see that the Proportional Representation system gained the support of more than 80% of the members and faced very little to no opposition.


The Labour seemed keen on changing the democratic practices that are centuries old, and deemed outdated. Support towards reforms for proportional representation has drastically risen in recent years amongst all age groups. 


Previously, a similar survey was conducted by YouGov, in December 2019 just before the Tories won a huge majority of 80 seats, despite getting only 43% of the popular vote. Official reports suggest that more than 75% of party members were convinced that Labour should vouch for proportional representation.


But priorities are yet to be set at the Labour conference in September when electoral reforms will be debated once the majority of CLPs send motions to the conference regarding PR policy.


‘Labour for a New Democracy’ is a yesteryear campaign launched by the Labour MPs and pressure groups, and presented the model motion among peer groups. The campaign gives details about the PR policy which will be backed in their next manifesto to be legislated in the house. 


“Thanks to the immense work of campaigners on PR issues, support for a PR voting system is increasing,” said Caroline Osborne, Labour for a New Democracy. 


“It should not be taken for granted until it is supported by the party and becomes a party policy after once it gets tabled by the CLPs throughout the UK.” He added.


“We should have switched to PR a century ago,” said shadow minister Alex Sobel. With increased support not only within the party but outside as well, Labour activists seemed confident. And last year, Keir Starmer initiated a UK-wide Constitutional Commissions.

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