The Female drinking pandemic

For more than a year, the entire world suffered the effects of the pandemic and lockdown. Being told to self-isolate, stay at home, and not meet any of your family or friends was taken hard by people across the world, and encouraged depression and anxiety to take over.

The lasting effects of the pandemic remain prominent within the masses as we ease out of restrictions, but one thing that is most noticeable in the UK is the locals’ drinking habits. A confirmed report tells us that there was an increase of 498.5% in the total sales of alcohol in the UK and most of the liquor was consumed, apparently, by women.

According to a psychologist, stress, isolation, and boredom are the triggers for alcohol consumption, which was both common and widespread throughout the period. The reason for women to be drinking 27% more than men was most definitely due to financial, work, and domestic pressures combined. To top that, having to take care of children and family members while staying at home 24/7 had to have added to their list of stressors.

But was the UK alone in their drinking binge or was the rest of the world in sync? Apparently, not. According to research studies, despite reporting the highest rates of Covid-related deaths, Italy and France were far behind in this drinking binge with only 7% of people who said to have drunk more.

Sadly, this level of alcohol consumption hurt more than just people’s pockets, and the death toll rose by an alarming rate. The pandemic didn’t accelerate the alcohol binge, but certain bad decisions taken by the government did add to the stress factors.

The government needs to implement laws that can address health inequalities and regulate the sale and consumption of cheap liquor. Let us hope that the tragic increase in alcohol consumption is brought under control and the same money is invested to get people back on the right track.

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