The Real Reason Why UBI Makes You Poorer


The past year with Covid has shown us the failures associated with our welfare system. The primary reason for homelessness, poverty, and other hardships is money, so it only makes sense that funds be provided to people to alleviate their problems.

UBI is a universal way to transport regular payment to individuals without the associated uncertainty and the long waiting periods. 

The organization, UBI Lab, has held campaigns and collected the votes of many significant Senedd Members, most of whom are now in the position of power. The Welsh government has also pledged a funding scheme by following the UBI.

The main issue associated with a universal, non-means-tested payment is that the same amount of money will be used by the poor in different ways than the rich. For example, $300 may be used by a poor person to afford food, electricity, or even pay the rent while those better off in the society will thrive by being able to invest this money in business or stocks.

This imbalance in power will make things worse for the working class as rates on rental properties will get higher as landlords will seize the opportunity to gain from demand. The struggle will not be eliminated in a UBI society and will eventually make the matters worse for people living below the poverty line. 

UBI serves as a plaster on a broken system that needs years of extreme planning and scrutiny before it can be implemented in society. It gives a false sense of hope to the people living in poverty and a way for the middle class to pretend that all the issues have been sorted so they can sleep soundly at night. 

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