These are the preventable deaths

Daily infections “could go as high as 100,000 by the summer” admitted the health secretary, Sajid Javid, yesterday. To put that in perspective, the highest daily infection rate for the UK was recorded at just over 81,000 in late December. So the European country with the highest infection rate will also become the European country with the least restrictions in place. Johnson is taking a gamble and risking people’s lives. Already hospital admission rates are currently at around 300 a day, and that will double and double again into the summer. Many workers on the front line will be exposed as mask wearing is dropped, and people will die from entirely preventable deaths. AMBER: Inequalities The poor pay the price The results of The Health Foundation inquiry published yesterday reveal that working age adults in England’s poorest areas were almost four times more likely to die from Covid than those in the wealthiest areas. The nine-month inquiry found a decade of widening health inequalities and cuts to public services had “frayed the nation’s health” and contributed to the UK’s disproportionately high Covid death toll compared with similar countries. Jo Bibby from The Health Foundation said: ‘We may have to learn to live with Covid, but we don’t have to live with its unequal impact. Government must address the root causes of poor health and invest in jobs, housing, education, and communities. This is the only way to create a healthier society that can meet the challenge ahead.” GREEN: Buses

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