A set of policies designed specifically to force “unwanted” EU immigrants from England has been set into play by Priti Patel. EU immigrants are being forced to register applications by the beginning of July, to receive a settled status that will allow them to stay in England. Whoever fails to apply for the status will lose their job, their home, and their access to NHS.

Introduced by Theresa May in 2013, the only thing these policies have contributed to has been racism-inspired slogans and actions.

Up until May of 2021, the UK government received about 5.6 million applications. The government is still unclear of the total number of EU citizens currently residing in the UK and is unaware of where they stand, in ensuring the ‘settled’ status is given to all of them.

Furthermore, the UK government has refused to extend the deadline, ignoring all the incoming calls from metro mayors, national governments, and charity organisations. According to them, anyone that applies to the deadline will count, along with the late applicants who have a valid excuse.

The residing EU citizens will soon be exposed to the ‘hostile environment’. Even those with the settled status will become subject to racism, hatred, biases, and cruelty at the hands of UK citizens. Moreover, this policy will force doctors, landlords, and employers to check the migration status before letting people in through the door.

All these atrocities must be faced by EU citizens, who have invested the better part of their lives in this ungracious country. Those who have lived decades in this country are the most vulnerable to this bureaucratic nightmare. All of this is because of the Conservation Party's need to attain power by scapegoating the people of the UK. The ‘hostile environment’ and the disposition to harm immigrants must be defied and resisted. 

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