Tory MP is litterbug.

Progress and Policy Network, two of Labour’s leading organizations and
often regarded as large thorns in the left’s shoe, are set to be dissolved
on Sunday. Following an ironic twist, the two factions are set to relaunch
as Progressive Britain, which aims to be a new platform for policymaking,
political education and debate. The founders label this move as an attempt
to end bitter factionalism and aim to make this a “big-tent grouping” which
will be open to all.
The move was undoubtedly finalised after Labour MPs witnessed their party’s
embarrassing but expected failure in the Hartlepool byelections and other
local council elections. Wes Streeting, a newly promoted member, described
the move as a desperate attempt to rescue the party from its unavoidable
doom and the current crisis it is under and to establish a policy that
could restore Labour’s power. Streeting is expected to take a central
position in Progressive Britain and further went on to say that the party
will “provide a big tent to bring together some of the best thinking from
across the left”.
Progressive Britain is set to be launched on Sunday in an online
conference, with senior Labour figures appearing from all wings of the

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