Trump stole campaign donations for his private business

According to federal filings, Donald Trump reportedly moved more than $200,000 from his donations of ‘Make America Great Again’ PAC to his private accounts in February, as soon as he left office.

As reported by Forbes, Trump set up a new PAC, called ‘Save America,’ and moved $30 million in it from the existing ‘Make America Great Again’ PAC. And when this PAC grew up to $90m, he proceeded to take out and use an additional $79,000 for his expenses from that PAC.

It is known that the Trump Organization had regular interactions with the PACs, and eventually, the organization charged a campaign PAC with $38,000 for rent via the Trump Tower Commercial LLC. In 2020, the campaign was partially run from Washington DC, but the organization kept collecting rent from Trump Tower, where Donald Trump benefited from the interest.

It was estimated that between January and June, the Trump organization had collected a total of $188,000 in rent through campaign donations.

The interesting part is that even after Trump left office, the Trump Restaurants LLC collected rent from the PAC, totaling up to $15,000. This was during the pandemic when there were barely any tourists in the Trump Tower.

Additionally, according to the White House, the Save America PAC paid $79.000 to the Trump Hotel Collection during that time.

The Manhattan DA’s office is investigating the Trump organization for financial crimes, but the organization hasn’t spoken on the matter yet.

Whereas, Mr. Trump himself was seen boasting about his affiliated committees having $100m cash readily available to use, as per his statement.

The statement said, “These fundraising numbers, coupled with tremendous support in so many other ways, show that President Trump’s supporters want him to continue the fight,”

Although Mr. Trump hasn’t officially commented on his aim for a presidential campaign for the elections of 2024, there are insider claims of his plans for running once more.

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