What is Miliband’s Traumatic Legacy?

More than six years after standing down, Ed Milliband, still claims to be recovering from his time as the leader of the Labour Party. He opened up about the harsh realities of losing an election and that his defeat of the 2015 elections felt like a personal rejection which shattered his self-confidence.

He believes that he took the rejection hard because he felt that more people wanted Cameron to be the Prime Minister than him, which he eventually accepted. He served the party from 2010 – 2015, and as of August 2020 has been working under Sir Keir Starmer as a shadow business secretary. Returning to the shadow cabinet had been a hard decision for Mr. Miliband especially after his traumatic experience of the front line.

Reflecting on his time as a leader of an important political force, he said that he and his team analysed a lot of the problems of the country but the answers to those problems weren't effective.  He pointed out some of the major issues the party faced and the steps that must be taken for it to recover its position in the political world. According to Mr. Miliband, the party's stance on national security and defence was a problem in the elections of 2019 and the party had to be patriotic to succeed.

Ed Miliband was one of the members of a panel report where he discussed these problems as a reason for Labour's defeat in the elections which left the party with fewer MPs than any party has had, since 1935. In another event, he spoke about how remorseful he was for not taking bolder steps to solve the problems and bring about the changes he wanted to see.

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