Who is the worst rated prime minister of all time? Can you guess?

After the monthly Cabinet League Table, Prime Minister Boris Johnson ended up with yet another negative score, dropping 36 points to land at 3.4 this time, as he remains just at the border of the red zone. 

The panel in this meeting happened to be the same one that gave him a rating of 93% in the last general elections, and then collectively made him fall to 42% last October. 

A survey was carried out last weekend that resulted in a majority believing that Boris Johnson was unable to handle COVID-19. 

Though the recent drop in the COVID positive cases might suggest otherwise, his actions during the pandemic could still knock his score off a bit. 

The reason to support this claim would be his unwillingness, along with that of Rishi Sunak, to self-isolate during the pandemic, or considering the NHS app; Pingdemic. 

Additionally, in regards to the vaccine passports, the spillage of the Conservatives is hard to ignore. But in the recent survey, around 78% of the voters heavily supported the Chancellor’s plans concerning the vaccine passports. This is a healthy number and yet the lowest since last November when the Government was stuck in a dilemma of either opening up or locking down when there wasn’t a hint of vaccines being available. 

The lockdown opposition is demanding zero restrictions, while the pro-lockdown ones are in favour of a contained regulation. 

Following are the previous scores of Boris Johnson:

·         March 2020: 92%.

·         April 2020: 84%.

·         May 2020: 72%.

·         June 2020: 64%.

·         July 2020: 61%.

·         August 2020: 49%.

·         September 2020: 30%.

·         October 2020: 42%.

·         November 2020: 37%.

·         December 2020: 45%.

·         January 2021: 65%.

·         February 2021: 74%.

·         March 2021: 74%.

·         April 2021: 75%.

·         May 2021: 74%.

·         June 2021: 65%.

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