Why I’m frightened of Quiet People

In the corporate world, meetings are a routinely occurring part of the job. The interaction with high position leaders wearing pinstripe suits and sporting grey hair along with a prominent ego can become tiring. In addition to this, the constant talking about something that could easily have been communicated via email makes them an exhausting activity to deal with daily.


There is a lot of talking during meetings; people, especially those who wish to be seen right despite not being so, talk loud and incessantly. Their goal is to impress the boss and gain a promotion or to be seen as someone who knows the client inside and out. However, it is a strong belief that nothing truly important is accomplished in such meetings.

Although, one thing that I have learnt through meetings is to observe those who remain quiet. The silent ones can attend multiple meetings successively without saying a word. With every passing meeting, by saying absolutely nothing and observing those around them, they get smarter.

One of the more reckless things that higher-level do is talk interminably. They tend to talk without listening to the other party and their contributions, leading them to believe they are the only shrewd individuals in that room. But the brightest minds in the room, say nothing at all. They sit in a corner, unobtrusively, take notes, and pay attention to occurrences around them. When one doesn’t talk, one tends to listen to the little things that often go unheard.

The aim in meetings should be to listen to the people when they’re discussing ideas. The loudest people in the room often do not have the discipline to give up their role as the ‘speaker’. Listening intently to other people in the room can teach you what formal education cannot. The saying goes,

“Smart people learn from everything and everyone, average people from their experiences, and stupid people already have all the answers.”

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