Young People have Longer to Live. Climate Change: Let’s Listen to Them.

The world’s condition is rapidly deteriorating and has caught attention across the countries. Europe and other developed nations are amongst the major countries to have felt the impact, as the severity of the crises is more prominent when compared to the underdeveloped countries such as Africa and South Asia.


With the global population already at 7.8 billion, the youth has started to voice their concerns loudly and unapologetically. Unsurprisingly, the younger generation is affected the most by the crises and remains unheard over this issue.


In countries like Uganda where the median age of the entire population is around seventeen years, the struggles are hardly paying off. The resulting devastation of the economy has affected their education and the country's development. Even the United Nations Environmental Programme has indicated that the African Nations would be severely hit by the climate crisis and lead to a collapse of the already bleak-looking economy.


The severity is so intense that countries that are dependent on agricultural products have seen their fields wither away and die as rain or drought increases. While some farmers were able to adapt to the change with technology in developed countries, the underdeveloped countries have little choice other than to endure it.


To change the situation of these countries, not only the legislative bodies but international organizations must hear the concerns of the youth. Ignoring the views regarding such extreme issues risks devastating results in the long term and dissuades the younger generation from their goal. Although there was some ground gained from protests, and the Cop26 has often invited the young to the environmental sessions, the lack of implementation from the authorities has frustrated the youth who demand more action to combat this global crisis. 

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